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The Knights Of Good

The Knights Of Good stand for good and all things related to... good.

The Knights of Good
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Fans of the webseries "The Guild": Come here to geek out!
The Guild

The Guild is a independent sitcom web series about a group of online gamers. It is written for gamers, about gamers, by a gamer. The show started in the late summer of 2007, and for the first season was financed solely by Paypal donations from LOYAL FANS. Since season 2, The Guild has been distributed by Xbox Live and Microsoft and sponsored by Sprint.

Episodes vary from 3-8 minutes in length, and follow the Guild members’ lives online and offline.

“The Guild” has won numerous awards, including the SXSW, YouTube and Yahoo Web Series Awards in 2008, and 3 Streamy Awards in 2009: Best Comedy Web Series, Best Ensemble, and Best Actress for Felicia Day. [source]

"The Guild" Stars
Felicia Day as Codex
Sandeep Parikh as Zaboo
Amy Okuda as Tinkerballa
Jeff Lewis as Vork
Robin Thorsen as Clara
Vincent Caso as Bladezz

"The Guild" Links
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Other "The Guild" Communities

1. No flaming. Be nice.
2. Stay on topic. Acceptable topics would include the webseries itself, the actors and people involved, and other projects by said people. Anything off-topic will be deleted.
3. Please do not pimp your community here unless it fits with #2. And then please only post about it once. You do not need permission to pimp if you follow this rule.
4. Please put these things behind an lj-cut: more than 6 icons, images larger than 450px in either direction, embeded videos, and fanfic longer than 250 words.
5. Don't make me add to this list.

Violators will be warned after the first offense and banned after the second.
Feel free to contact me about anything concerning this community.

piekid, the owner/mod of this community, is not involved in creating episodes of "The Guild". She only wishes she was.
Feel free to contact her if needs be, but only if it concerns activity within this community. :).